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Regina Verdico, an accomplished 500-hour teacher/practitioner, began her
meditation practice and yoga journey over ten years ago.  Like most, she was seeking more inner peace, calm, and happiness, and she knew meditation provided all of these benefits. She began her meditation practice through her studies of A Course in Miracles and has never looked back.  Meditation calmed her spirit and gave her more peace.  No matter what was happening in her life, she knew if she showed up to meditate, even if only for five minutes, she could be more centered and present.  Regina loved the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits and became an advocate to help others return to themselves.


Her meditation practice deepened ten-fold as a result of what she was learning through yoga and other healing modalities such as Kundalini yoga, sound healing, reiki, and so much more. Her passion was inspiring, and she became a source to help people begin their meditation practice.


She plans and hosts workshops and retreats for corporate groups and people who are ready to deepen their sense of self and live more fully in their heart.

yoga + meditation journey

In 2016, Regina completed her 200-hour yoga certification and began teaching yoga in corporate environments and studios. In 2019, Regina completed an additional 300-hour yoga certification that is focused in meditation, yoga life coaching, and energy anatomy.


Meditation was a gift to her, and she is passionate about providing an experience that helps others reconnect with themselves, love a little deeper, and take care of their overall Self


A free spirit, Regina is an avid chef of vegetarian cuisine and is passionate about animals. She is also an "Ecochick," making eco-friendly choices both personally and professionally that give back to the community and world and continues to use her twenty years of marketing experience to help small businesses grow and thrive.

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